Hi Borzki

thanks for your response. I had an additional query

if i do not have FEA tools enabled , Still i suppose we can use B31J utility of C-II FEA Translator for D/d < 50 and d/D <=0.6. Please refer to attached image.

i was asking on the applicability of B31J for 45 deg branches wherein
D/d > 50 and d/D > 0.6

does B31J allow these options or do we have to use FEA.
in my earlier post, i had attached a snap of B 31J, the last note referring to Sketch 2.2 seemed a little unclear to me

as to map these connections into FEA, boundary restraint conditions of header in header-branch connections are quite difficult to determine and are often assumed as fixed which makes the calculation very conservative.

B 31J-2.png