Say you have 15 supports, and you're lifting at support 7.

Apply a displacement of 10" at support 7. Apply a CNODE that is otherwise unused to this support, and then apply a displacement onto the CNODE.


Do the same for the 2 adjacent supports, but lift only say, 5 inches.

All will be D1.

Lifting multiple locations? Say you have dozens of places.

There will be some point where lifting at support N and N+X will not have demonstrable additive effects, so they can use the same displacement slot, and you can check multiple locations simultaneously.

If your supports are all in too close of proximity, I'm sorry, but that means you may have to maintain a library of CAESAR files as a result.

I'll note that if this is a one-time operation, and they're not going to prop it up for more than a few hours, then you could get away with OCC allowables. However, I won't dissuade you from being conservative with SUS allowables, either.