My company needs to lift a pipe during operation to repair some supports. I'm looking for help in modeling this piping system.

I want to run some test cases to ensure a safe lift by varying the following variables: lift height, number of lift points, and lift contact area.

I have the system modeled geometrically, but I'm having trouble with the lift scenario. If I want to test a 10 inch lift, how would I model the lift (displacement, force, some other form)?

My goal is to not exceed the sustained stress during the lift, so I need to account for the additional displacement of the pipe during the lift. The pipe is too long to lift all of it at once, so there will be additional bending stresses near the lift points.

Any input on how to model this and how to adjust the load cases is appreciated. Currently, I'm checking (SUS) W+P+D, but the results do not look accurate.