In order to have <em>multiple users</em> accessing the same <em>data directory</em>, you must configure CAESAR II accordingly. This is so that <em>common files</em> have a unique name, on a per user basis.

For example, there is a file in the data directory named "control". This file contains (among other things) the current job name. If two users access this data directory from their respective workstations, and start CAESAR II, then both will be accessing the same job, because both read the same control file. What is needed is different control files for each user. (Note, there are many <em>status files</em> like "control" in the data directory. "control" is not the only file to be addressed in this issue.

The procedure to ensure that each user acquires his/her own personal <em>status files</em> is to configure the CAESAR II registry entry on the user's workstation. This can be accomplished from within CAESAR II as follows:

  • Start CAESAR II and go to "Tools\Configure - Setup".
  • Select the "Miscellaneous" tab.
  • At the bottom of the dialog is an entry for a <em>unique user ID string</em>, as shown in the figure below. Type in <font color="#ff0000">up to 3 characters</font> (usually the user's initials) to uniquely identify this user/workstation.

  • Exit and save the new configuration.

Each user must perform the above steps. Once configured in this manner, user "abc" will be accessing "", while user "def" will be accessing "control.def". In this way, users will avoid stepping on each other.

Richard Ay (COADE, Inc.)

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Richard Ay