Does anyone know how/where to set the screen preferences for Caesar II? Specifically when I open a file I find that sometimes only the graphic is showing because the Input page is tabbed up on the left. If I click the tab then of course the input page appears. I have tried 'pinning' the tab to the page but find when I next return to the input page, the same screen is presented. On other files the Input page is not 'tabbed' and is already showing. How can I ensure the screen is presented the same way each time? These options can be resolved with a simple click of the mouse of course but there must be some way to ensure consistency, no? The other thing that I would like to remove from each and every screen I open is the blank 'Legend' column on the right of the screen. Grrr...it's blank! What's it there for unless the user requests specific data to be displayed. Is there some way to set the screen preferences so that this blank (screen space wasting) column doesn't automatically pop up every time I open a file?

I'd appreciate suggestions on how to set the 'screen preferences' if that is possible. Thanks!

Alex Teesdale