Well, this is a fine one. I went to followup on the posting in the Caesar II forum about the SSI issues in Caesar 2014. However, now, when I try to log into the Intergraph Smart Support portal, it [] out on me. Tried with both IE and Chrome.

While I have no doubt it's an issue with my machine or our company's rather obstinate proxy server, since I can't get to the support sight, I can't reach Intergraph for support.

When I put my name and password in now, the screen gives me a magnifying glass in a blue circle being orbited by another blue quarter circle. This animation runs for about 15 seconds and then just leaves me with a white screen.

What does the portal rely on to function? Flash? Java? It's been a few months since I've needed to access it, but I've not had this issue with the portal previously.
Edward L. Klein
Pipe Stress Engineer

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