We are doing a stress analysis for the RTRP pipelines across the Gathering Centers in Kuwait using the Pig Launchers & receiver (CARBON STEEL) arrangement. We have referred the ASME B31.3 Code Chapter VII (Non Metallic Piping & Piping Lined with Nonmetals) as well as BS7159 (Design & Construction of GRP Piping systems for individual plants). We aware that ASME B31.3 deals with Process Piping. We have some doubts and request all members for clarification.
1. Can we use ASME B31.3 (Chapter VII)for the Cross Country Pipelines for RTRP Material since ASME B31.4 & ASME B31.8 code does not specify any code reference for the Stress Analysis for Non - Metallic pipelines?
2.We have referred BS7159 Design Code also for Non Metallic but as per Cl.1.1 of BS7159: 1989 it’s specify:
This code does not include recommendations specific to the particular needs of cross-country pipelines outside the boundaries already described or of underground or under-water effluent or drainage systems, although general aspects of its guidance may be helpful where not in conflict with other codes of practice for such purposes
3. Now we have done the stress analysis for the Pipeline considering the Pig L/R + RTRP pipe as per ASME B31.3 as well as BS7159 Design Codes and found that the loads for the Pig L/R supports as per ASME B31.3 are approx 60% lesser compare to that of BS7159.
So can we consider the stress analysis design as per ASME B31.3 considering the Chapter VII so that Pig L/R supports can be designed or BS7159 design code. We are in need to clear this doubt since the loads are much higher and we are afraid that we reffering the wrong design code.
Thanks to all , awaiting for quick response.
Design Engineer