Yes, a license is occupied when a user invokes the CAESAR II program. This license is not logged out until the user exits the program.

If all your licenses are in use, the next user that attempts to access the software will receive an error message stating "no available licenses". However, access to the program's Main Menu is still permitted. In this situtation, all options on this menu are disabled, except for Diagnostic, ESL, and Help menus.

Yes, there is an idle time associated with a license. COADE products reset the default idle time from 36 hours to 1 hour. So if a license is idle for more than 1 hour, and all licenses are allocated to users, the next request for a license will be allowed to grab the idle one.

No, users don't have to wait for each other when running calculations. If a user has a license, and is actively using the software, no other user can take his license. Once you're in, you're in.

Additional information on the HASP protection scheme can be found on Aladdin's (the vendor of the HASP hardware and license manager) web site at .

Richard Ay (COADE, Inc.)

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Richard Ay