In Caesar , there is facility to calculate SIF at bends having trunnion.
Utility path-- Analysis--SIFs@Bends
Query is ,
1) SIF value for bend with trunnion is in following form
SIF (bend),
SIF (Trunnion) punch , ML,MC,MT, max

if SIF(bend) > Sif (inplane,outplane), we are inputting manually SIF bend in CAESAR (in both inplane & outplane) , by flagging on- Allow user's SIF at bend in configuration-SIF & Stresses.

Is above consideration correct?
2) We observed if same parameters are used in FE bend program, SIF values are different in magnitude and format. If any one can elaborate difference.....please help.
3) What is application of SIF max
4)In our example, pipe dia is 609 mm (24") & pipe & fitting thickness is 46 mm. When we run this combination, it gives error - ratio of pipe OD & fitting thickness must be in between 20 & 60....what is reference of this error ? For sure in case of 46 mm thick bend , it is not advisable to weld trunnion.

Please reply.