Sometimes CAESAR II does not change value of yield strength when we switch between different materials specially in API 5L grade materials. e.g. in many instances, when I change material from API 5L Grade B to API 5L Grade X65, yield strength remains same 35KSI. I checked it with other materials as well. But when I uncheck "Allowable Stress" and then select the material, correct value is picked.
Furthermore, For ASME B 31.4/31.3 Chapter IX, yield strength value of ASME B 31.4/B31.3 is picked whereas B31.3 provides a little difference in yield strength values. e.g. B31.3 gives SY = 65KSI for API 5L Grade X65 and B31.3 Chapter IX gives SY = 65.3 KSI but CAESAR II provides 65.0 KSI for selections.