Ethical behaviour in problem solving in piping pressure integrity pays little in Emerging India!

A column on retirement finance in Washington Post today urged me to share the story of a typical honest piping stress prblem solver like me.

In 2002, I lost my job in a A/E firm for asking a cement plant owner for including a sulphur reducing plant in a CFBC power plant using high sulphur petroleum coke as fuel. Refrain was that in a capital prject transaction, only my bottom line should matter, not of customer!

It took four years of hard struggle to find some financial stability i work in technical audit!

But, here, too, speaking truth, even in audit business, proved costly!

I am now 4 months from turning 60, a number when a creative engineer turns useless for the organization!

Still, having intigrity in professional life is useful for all!

Excellent software like CAESAR II alone cannot ensure pressure integrity in high risk process and power sector - our belief in Lord and honest service make it possible!

Wish our millenials preserve beliefs and values so that people can trust our analytical approach all the times!

I am not retiring - will find some new place to work I love so much!