Hi Every body,

We are designing some pressure vessels for european offshore field.
I would like to hear of other peoples' experience on the vessel analysis using PED hydrotest pressure using PV elite with ASME Section VIII div.1 design.

According to ASME Test pressure = 1.3 P Sr/St (P: Maximum allowable pressure or design pressure, Sr : allowable stress at test temperature, St : allowable stress at temperatue). According to PED, Test pressure = max (1.43 P, 1.25 P fa/ft) where fa : allowable stress at test temperature and ft : allowable stress at temperature (Note that : 1-allowable stress in EN standards are before safety factor while in ASME II are with safety factor. 2-There is a guideline specifying this test pressure).

I do a study to compare the both ASME test pressure and PED test pressure & found that PED test pressure which is 1.43 P is quite greater than ASME Sc. VIII Div.1. hydrotest pressure.

In this regard, can any body throw some light concerning PV Elite calculation in test conditions using PED hydrotest pressure & provide your views on "Whether applying the PED test pressure using user defined hydrotest pressure input in PV elite wil serve the purpose i.e. the hydrotest stresses can be compared with the 90 % of yield stresses or it is required to do the whole PV Elite pressure vessel design calculation in test conditions with inputing design pressure of 1.43xPxSr/St to ascertain that the equipment need to be checked in all forssen conditions".
By doing so probably the component thickness may also be increased significantly.

Thanks in advance for your expert comments.