Sending private massages

Posted by: RS

Sending private massages - 11/22/10 06:25 AM

Is this capability on the forum disabled on purpose? Can it be enabled?
Posted by: Wolfe

Re: Sending private massages - 11/22/10 08:10 AM

I think Ranka is referencing the fact that we used to be able to send other forum users private messages. It seems like this functionality has been disabled.
Posted by: Ray_Delaforce

Re: Sending private massages - 11/22/10 09:25 AM

Ok Dave

Really, the forum is for public use in the main. The responses to points raised are there for all participants to benefit.
Posted by: Wolfe

Re: Sending private massages - 11/22/10 09:35 AM

I agree. However, sometimes the problems raised are specific to the implementation and/or company standards. In such cases it is more appropriate to have an offline discussion.

Also, due to internet spam bots, it's not considered safe or good practice to post an email address on a site. I think it fosters communication between users to allow safe, personal communication through the site as well, and I know several users have commented on missing the messaging feature.
Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: Sending private massages - 11/22/10 10:12 AM


I agree, it is dangerous to post personal e-mails on a Discussion Forum. However, we do have formal Support Channels setup for anything more than a casual question.

The "Private Messaging" was turned off for several reasons:

1)Too many people were sending support requests in via PMs. The fact that a PM exists is not overly obvious and sometimes these sat unanswered for a couple of days - which upset the sender.

2) Most questions are applicable to a number of people, so posting in the Forum benefits everyone. What we were seeing is that people were sending PMs for questions already answered on the Forum, all they had to do was "search".

3) Then there were those that were using PMs to send larger issues (not a question, but a job file with some type of problem) that really needs to go through Tech Support Channels. This is very important when the PM is sent to someone who is out of the office.
Posted by: Wolfe

Re: Sending private massages - 11/22/10 11:48 AM

Thanks for the info!
Posted by: RS

Re: Sending private massages - 11/22/10 11:17 PM

Thanks for your responses. Your justification for having it disabled makes sense for all of the above reasons.
My reason why I wanted it enabled is slightly different: I have actualy recognised someone posting on the forum that I wanted to get in touch with for more general communication and not to do with a specific Caesar issues. Unfortunately I do not have his details to contact him outside of the forum.
I understand your policy and it is fine, I will make a plan...