coade to relate with my department..

Posted by: khairil

coade to relate with my department.. - 07/13/06 11:10 PM

this is my first time ever write in this discussion room..
better straight to the point...
i m writing from one of high educational level of University of Malaysia..Malaysia France Insititute (MFI)..
we are new on this coade..and would like someone to assist us regarding on this software...i am working with department of Fabrication,Welding and Joining..can someone please show me how does COADE relate to our department?..maybe you have some paper work on this,or something i can download to satisfy myself and my head department before we purchase your product...
FYI i am one of the lecturer from MFI..

Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: coade to relate with my department.. - 07/14/06 12:23 PM

COADE really doesn't have software for welding or fabrication. These links will give you a brief overview of what our software does:


Stress Analysis of Piping and Vessels

If you have any specific questions, please let us know.