Open C2 files

Posted by: Yonghong Shen

Open C2 files - 07/12/06 03:55 PM

I would like to open my .C2 files the same way as MS Word or Excel: By clicking on the file name with .doc or .xls extensions. But I am not able to do that with my .c2 files. CAESAR II always starts up with the last file I have worked. Is there any way we can modify the default file open mode?
Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: Open C2 files - 07/12/06 04:00 PM

The installation routine was changed for the 060301 build, and the "c2" suffix should be registered with Windows. If not, "right-click" a "C2" file, select "Open", browse for \caesar\c2.exe, and check the CheckBox for "always use the selected program".