Thermal conductivity

Posted by: V ajeekarate

Thermal conductivity - 08/16/05 05:55 AM

Could someone tell me the thermal conductivity of A 106 B, A 106 C and A 285 C. And also the sourse. Are these metal acording to US standards? ANSI? Tnx.
Posted by: Ray_Delaforce

Re: Thermal conductivity - 08/18/05 01:50 PM

The materials are essentially low carbon steels and have the same coefficient of thermal conductivity. 30 Btu/hr. ft. Deg F at 70F (121 Watts/m Deg C) is a reasonable figure. My reference is the TEMA (Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association) Code, Table D-12. There are other references which will give similar data.

The materials you mentioned are per ASTM standards.