HxGN Live

Posted by: shollinger

HxGN Live - 05/28/15 04:36 AM

Who is attending this years conference?
Posted by: Rocker

Re: HxGN Live - 06/02/15 09:31 AM

Not us. Budget got clobbered by [] economy.
Posted by: mconaway

Re: HxGN Live - 06/02/15 12:46 PM

not there myself, with the economy and the listed content, I got asked real quick what I would learn. they also have an issue of it in Vegas.
Posted by: shollinger

Re: HxGN Live - 06/08/15 05:29 AM

less and less people and content. Spent a lot of my time in scanner classes and vendor show. Will not be going back if combined with Hxgn. Location was expensive also.
Posted by: mconaway

Re: HxGN Live - 06/10/15 08:38 AM

Hopefully next year will be a better location and our economy recovers some as well. I still push them to come up with some better sessions as well, just covering the basics of CADWorx for us long time users is tough to justify the expense to management. We need to get back to the way it was that attracted a lot of good users in. The networking is as beneficial as some of the sessions
Posted by: Rocker

Re: HxGN Live - 06/23/15 11:10 AM

Totally agreed, Michael. I don't mind the location (LV), as it is easy to get to and provides a nice place to unwind after 3 days of conference, but adding more advanced topics would certainly be beneficial and go a long way to bringing the top users back together; kind of like the way we had them in Houston before being combined with Hexagon. Being combined with Hxgn is not necessarily bad though (cross polination is actually a good thing), but ICAS does need to build their own brand within the main conference.

Hopefully ICAS reads the comments on this board.
Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: HxGN Live - 06/23/15 08:12 PM

Yes, we read the comments on this board.