What Video Cards are you running??

Posted by: JoshElliott2

What Video Cards are you running?? - 02/10/15 12:38 PM

Hey guys,
I'm doing a bit of research before buying some new PC's for my company. I'm just wondering what other people running CADWorx have for Video cards/ Systems and what you think about it. Currently we are running:

Processor: Intel i3-550 3.20Ghz
RAM: 6.0GB
Video: Nvidia Geforce GTX 650ti 2GB
OS: Windows 7 pro x64

And it is really slow when It comes to 3d modeling.


Posted by: Rocker

Re: What Video Cards are you running?? - 02/10/15 03:08 PM

The Geforce GTX 650 is a gaming card, not a 3D modelling card, and is also not certified on AutoDesk. The low RAM and i3 don't help either. If you like Nvidia, go with the Quadro line. AMD, stick with "W" series.
Posted by: dgorsman

Re: What Video Cards are you running?? - 02/10/15 04:20 PM

Quadro card is mostly irrelevant, only comes into play with visualization software like 3DSMAX. Depending on the size of the models, I'd blame the almost useless amount of RAM.
Posted by: JoshElliott2

Re: What Video Cards are you running?? - 02/11/15 09:14 AM

Yeah that's why we are looking to upgrade.

Right now Im looking at:
Intel Coreā„¢ i7-4790K Processor, 4.00GHz w/ 8MB Cache
G.SKILL Sniper Series 32GB PC3-12800 Quad Channel DDR3 Kit, Black (4 x 8GB)
PNY Quadro K4200 4GB PCI-E w/ DVI, Dual DisplayPort and 3D Stereo Bracket
Asus Maxiumus VII Formula Motherboard w/ DDR3 1600, 7.1 Audio, Gigabit LAN, Quad SLI / 3-Way CrossFireX

and I think it will be good, but also looking for recommendations

Posted by: dgorsman

Re: What Video Cards are you running?? - 02/11/15 09:22 AM

Maybe a little overkill, but you'd need to spend time to lower the cost any appreciable amount. Don't forget, hardware is only part of the solution - it won't compensate for unrealistically large models, or trying to do real-time navigation in shaded mode.
Posted by: Russell_M

Re: What Video Cards are you running?? - 02/12/15 02:03 PM

Can anyone confirm this statement from another Autocad group?

"Also note: I believe since 2006-08ish windows has been using the video card for all graphics be it on the monitor or on printed output; when there is not enough horsepower on the video card then it will use an additional processor / core as a makeshift video card. You will need a full professional level video card such as an Nvidia Quadro 4000; mine struggles a little and I need the next generation Nvidia Quadro K4000 due to the complexity of our files (circles / pipe is challenging for video cards it seems)."

Posted by: dgorsman

Re: What Video Cards are you running?? - 02/13/15 09:48 AM

I call bull. At the very least, its something that was heard, repeated incorrectly, forwarded in part, then mis-interpreted.

  • video card isn't used for printing
  • CPU cores aren't used as "additional procecessor/makeshift video card" unless the program is running in software mode. One or the other, not both.
  • If this is a newer processor it may have an on-board video processor good for app-games and movies.
  • full professional level card is needed? NO. There are Civil3D users who are running gaming cards with file sizes that make most computers cry.

Basically, sounds like somebody is trying to get Navisworks/Design Review performance inside AutoCAD using one of the shaded visual styles and failing. Yeah, kick*** hardware will help some but will never take it all the way for anything other than a very, very, simple model. Run it in wireframe, its the optimum for AutoCAD applications and use one of the other two programs for the in-context(pretty) pictures.