Can't access Intergraph Smart Support anymore

Posted by: Edward Klein

Can't access Intergraph Smart Support anymore - 08/15/14 08:30 AM

Well, this is a fine one. I went to followup on the posting in the Caesar II forum about the SSI issues in Caesar 2014. However, now, when I try to log into the Intergraph Smart Support portal, it [] out on me. Tried with both IE and Chrome.

While I have no doubt it's an issue with my machine or our company's rather obstinate proxy server, since I can't get to the support sight, I can't reach Intergraph for support.

When I put my name and password in now, the screen gives me a magnifying glass in a blue circle being orbited by another blue quarter circle. This animation runs for about 15 seconds and then just leaves me with a white screen.

What does the portal rely on to function? Flash? Java? It's been a few months since I've needed to access it, but I've not had this issue with the portal previously.
Posted by: Luis Sanjuan

Re: Can't access Intergraph Smart Support anymore - 08/15/14 08:50 AM

Hi Edward,

Within the Smart Support webpage, please select the option 'Forgot my User name' to send an email to the smart support email to check if this is an issue with your browser/machine/user account.