Coping/Mitering Assembly

Posted by: TamT

Coping/Mitering Assembly - 11/19/19 10:06 AM

Does any one know if we can miter/cope an assembly (stairs/handrail) to a structural steel (Beam)?

When we have to change our existing platform beam size, the assembly stairs that was previously attached and coped to it is no longer attached/coped and we would have to redraw the stairs each time. Or when we have to update the stair steel size, it will no longer cope correctly to the existing steel.
Posted by: rchiasson

Re: Coping/Mitering Assembly - 11/20/19 03:02 PM

This sounds like a trouble report, I'd suggest submitting it to smart support.
Posted by: Vanman

Re: Coping/Mitering Assembly - 11/20/19 10:56 PM

I am battling to understand the scenario being described. Have you got screenshots you could upload ?