Handrail - ladders cut

Posted by: Patrizio

Handrail - ladders cut - 03/06/15 08:11 AM


I've designed handarils and ladders using Cadworx steel 2015, can someone kindly explain how can I make openings by removing objects (for ex. pieces of intermediate rails, posts etc.).
I would like to do this without having to explode the objects

Posted by: Vanman

Re: Handrail - ladders cut - 03/06/15 09:18 AM

You can toggle grouping off. I normally use CTRL + Shift + A. You will be able to move individual rail components. Toggle grouping back on when done.
Posted by: Patrizio

Re: Handrail - ladders cut - 03/06/15 09:50 AM

Thank you Vanman, that was exactly what i was looking for
Posted by: Byron

Re: Handrail - ladders cut - 11/15/19 06:25 AM

Vanman - Is this method good for Structure 2019 - It seems to ungroup but cannot delete the individual member?

Thanks Byron
Posted by: Vanman

Re: Handrail - ladders cut - 11/17/19 10:32 PM

For Structure, what you can do is to explode the ladder. You can then edit individual items, but there is no way to combine/group it again so that you can edit it via the palette.