Error with opening file..

Posted by: KemalK

Error with opening file.. - 12/02/10 04:46 PM

Hello for All.

Can somebody help me with this error. I can not open file.

I am using Caesar V5.1 and after caesar crash i can not open file and i receive this message window.

Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: Error with opening file.. - 12/02/10 10:30 PM

I sure hope you have a back-up of this job, because this input file is corrupted. Exactly which module crashed, the input or something else?

There is a backup directory maintained below your %temp% directory. You can type " %temp% " into the Windows Explorer address bar, then navigate to "\local settings\application data\caesar ii v.5.10". There you will find a subdirectory for each job run, and in these subdirectories you will find up to 25 copies of the job, differentiated by the time-date stamp appended to the job name.

On Windows XP, this directory will be something like this:

C:\Documents and Settings\LOG-IN-NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\CAESAR II v.5.10

where "LOG-IN-NAME" will be your personal login name.
Posted by: Deepakklg

Re: Error with opening file.. - 12/24/10 12:30 AM

I am having a problem in CII-5.2.When i generate isometric with default mode a error is coming like ERROR IN PROCESSING IN PCF FILE.Where i am doing wrong.
Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: Error with opening file.. - 12/24/10 08:41 AM

There are many posts in this Forum on the subject of ISOGEN. You can use the [Search] facility to see if one of these discusses your issue. If not, please send the model (the ".c 2" file) as well as the PCF file in to TechSupport so we can look at it.
Posted by: KemalK

Re: Error with opening file.. - 12/24/10 05:13 PM

I had similar problem but only in this case:

First run of isogen module in Caesar was successful and I can open iso in autocad.

If I want to make some changes for iso output during the next session of generating isometrics I got a notification error in PCF file.

I discovered that an error occurs only if the previous stress drawing in AutoCAD is opened. If I close the drawing that was previously generated at the next session in isogen there is no error.

I do not know whether it is a common problem or is it only happens to me.
Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: Error with opening file.. - 12/25/10 09:21 AM

Well, if a file is open by another application, CAESAR II can't write to it.