Dynamic Output

Posted by: Kleinert

Dynamic Output - 02/04/00 08:02 AM

Please inform how to get a printout via a word processor of dynamic output data, saved on a .prn-file

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Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: Dynamic Output - 02/04/00 08:25 AM

At the present time, CAESAR II Version 4.10 does not send its output to any Word Processor.

If you want your output in a Word Processor, for reformatting or printing, then:
  • Generate the desired output to a text file, using the [File] menu option of the output processor. Note, it is important that this output file be a flat, text file.
  • Start your Word Processor and open this flat, text file.
  • Ensure that you are using a mono-spaced font in your Word Processor.

Once you get this far, you can adjust margins and page layout. You can also bold and italicize selected items. I would not suggest you attempt to change fonts or font size, as this will foul up the numeric columns.

Version 4.20, currently at the duplicators, will have the ability to send static output results to ODBC compliant data bases (Access or Excel). From here, you could send selected data into Word Processors and manipulate the presentation to a higher degree.

Sending output directly to Microsoft Word is something we hope to implement in Version 4.30.

Richard Ay (COADE, Inc.)