Printing Problem (Nodes missing)

Posted by: KJL

Printing Problem (Nodes missing) - 01/09/01 03:28 PM

I am having problems printing in piping input using Caesar II version 4.2. The nodes are missing on the printouts even if I see them in print preview. Could this be a printer driver problem? Please advise. Thank you.
Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: Printing Problem (Nodes missing) - 01/09/01 05:22 PM

Yes, this could be a printer driver problem. Try or check the following:

  • Check your colors and make sure there is a good contrast between the node color and the background color. The print driver must take colors and convert them to black & white.
  • If the above doesn't do anything, try changing the node color.
  • Try sending the graphic to another printer.

Richard Ay (COADE, Inc.)