CAESAR II Error Message

Posted by: Abu Khaleel

CAESAR II Error Message - 10/18/00 12:11 AM

While trying to used static Animation I got the following message "Unable to create bitmap"
could I know the cause of this error and what should I do to corrected?
Posted by: piya_k

Re: CAESAR II Error Message - 10/18/00 12:34 AM

I has been met this problem.
What I has done .I change color palette from 32 bit(true color) to 16 bit (high color).
after that I can used static animation mode.
Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: CAESAR II Error Message - 10/18/00 06:22 AM

This problem is discussed in the <font color="#0000ff">CAESARĀ II FAQ</font>, which can be found in the Technical Articles section of this web site. The direct link to this FAQ is .

In a nut shell, the problem is insufficient memory. You can reduce the window size, or reduce the color depth to alleviate the problem.

Richard Ay (COADE, Inc.)

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Posted by: Abu Khaleel

Re: CAESAR II Error Message - 10/21/00 01:50 AM

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

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