Participation Factor

Posted by: Piyush Raninga

Participation Factor - 05/08/00 03:25 AM

Is it possible in caesar-ii to get the actual(absolute value) of participation factor of the piping system. Right now, whatever it is showing is just relative term which we can not use it for other designs ie to pass on information to civil department. It is extremely required to carry out modal analysis of the system.
If not possible, what is the best way to use and interprete the mass participation factor that is available now?
Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: Participation Factor - 05/08/00 07:26 AM

Sorry, CAESAR II doesn't print out the <em>classic</em> participation factor. Instead, the program is actually printing what is known as the <em>mode coefficient</em>.

For a given mode, the <em>mode coefficient</em> is defined as: the participation factor (for that mode) times the acceleration from the response spectrum (for the frequency of that mode) divided by the frequency squared (for that mode).

Richard Ay (COADE, Inc.)