Posted by: Edward Klein

Rings - 02/19/02 12:32 PM

Is there anyway to simplify the input of a ring header type of pipe arrangement? I've have to model a 360 degree ring header with a large number of small branches coming off at different points around the curve.

Right now, the only option I see is a very brute force approach of figuring out the x and z delta values for each segment and building the ring from a bunch of short bends, adding my branches and supports in between the bend segments.

Is there an easier way or am I just in for a long day of pain? confused confused confused

Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: Rings - 02/19/02 12:42 PM

Yes ring headers are a bit of work. There is an example job in the CAESAR II download area (jzink.zip), if you need to view an example.

If your ring header has uniform spacing, you may be able to model just a quarter of it, then use the LIST duplicate and rotate features to generate the remainder of the model.
Posted by: vester99

Re: Rings - 10/23/03 09:40 AM

I downloaded the jzink file but when I try to run it, it tells me that the bend elements are not long enough to contain the bend curvature. Is there some sort of option I need to set to over ride this?
Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: Rings - 10/23/03 10:01 AM

I'm getting the same error. My cursory review of the input shows that the error message is correct, the element isn't long enough.

I'll ask the person who originally worked on this job for an updated/corrected copy. (He is traveling right now, so this may take until Monday to resolve.)
Posted by: vester99

Re: Rings - 10/24/03 07:58 AM

I was able to make it run by going into the "Configuration Setup\Geometry Directives" and changing the "Bend Length Attachment Percent" to 3 or higher.
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Re: Rings - 10/08/18 03:37 AM

Dear Richard ,

Might the original post be old , and "jzlin.zip" can't be found anywhere.
Is there still an official path for "ring" modelling for us to download ?

Posted by: ccckkkk

Re: Rings - 10/08/18 03:45 AM

Sorry for inconvenience that I have alreasy found the zip file from Coade site.
Posted by: Michael_Fletcher

Re: Rings - 10/08/18 08:29 AM


You may find my new post "On the topic of splitting bends" beneficial.
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Re: Rings - 10/08/18 11:36 PM

Hi Michael ,

Thanks for the sharing document~

Posted by: charlot

Re: Rings - 04/22/19 07:01 PM

Hi Richard,

i couldn't find this file. Is this file or another example available anywhere now? I'm trying to model a foam ring around a tank and an example could help a lot.

Posted by: Michael_Fletcher

Re: Rings - 04/24/19 09:31 AM

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