Distance Dialogue Box

Posted by: labo_MIT

Distance Dialogue Box - 11/10/19 11:46 PM

Hi Everyone,

Good day. I have a small problem hope you can help.
when using the distance icon the dialogue box is not showing where i can input the nodes to measure. The only thing that i can do is by clicking and i need to look below for the distances.

Posted by: Sigma

Re: Distance Dialogue Box - 11/11/19 04:06 AM

Can you please add screenshot of the issue you are facing?
Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: Distance Dialogue Box - 11/11/19 08:05 AM

Also, please indicate what version and build of c2 you're running as well as the Operating System (Win7 or Win10).
Posted by: KNS

Re: Distance Dialogue Box - 11/12/19 01:13 AM

Do you happen to be using dual monitors?
Posted by: Mandeep Singh

Re: Distance Dialogue Box - 11/12/19 10:28 AM

Make sure the distance dialog is not running in minimized mode. See the screen shot below.
Posted by: labo_MIT

Re: Distance Dialogue Box - 11/21/19 12:07 AM

thanks for all the help, we upgrade to caesar 2019 and all is well now. but in 2018 it happens, yes im using dual monitor.
But everything is ok now. thank you all.