Stiffness for Strut

Posted by: stress_baby

Stiffness for Strut - 11/06/19 12:00 PM

is it really required to specify strut stiffness in caesar?
meanwhile we are not using stiffness's to normal guide support.

Posted by: Michael_Fletcher

Re: Stiffness for Strut - 11/06/19 12:47 PM

If you were to input the actual stiffness and your analysis resulted in a failure, then yes, you are required to input the struct stiffness.

Otherwise, no, you aren't.
Posted by: Faizal K

Re: Stiffness for Strut - 11/06/19 01:09 PM

Sounds like you've been instructed to do so. If that's the case, where did the instruction come from? I can't think of a scenario when it is necessary to model the stiffness of a strut. If one end of the strut is attached to a relatively flimsy structural member, then in CAESAR I may model the strut as a rod with stiffness. And the stiffness would be that of the structural member, not the axial stiffness of the strut.
Posted by: stress_baby

Re: Stiffness for Strut - 11/07/19 09:56 AM

it was client comment to use equivalent stiffness for strut support. im still not convinced why this requirement is only for strut.I have similar arrangement of piping where instead of strut i used shoe support ,in this case we are not instructed to use any stiffness.
Posted by: Faizal K

Re: Stiffness for Strut - 11/07/19 08:57 PM

interesting indeed.
Posted by: Sigma

Re: Stiffness for Strut - 11/08/19 06:51 AM

May be the strut you have specified has lower rated load with high slenderness ratio