User Request: Nozzle Analysis

Posted by: Michael_Fletcher

User Request: Nozzle Analysis - 11/06/19 10:46 AM

Nozzle analysis is still unnecessarily difficult as we have to visualize in our heads various vectors, and then visualize further vectors based off of those vectors. We have to do this for every nozzle.

Request 1:
Currently we tell CAESAR the B vector. CAESAR should also show us the C vector, since there's no obvious clue from looking at the model which direction the A vector is.

Request 2:
Currently, the nozzle report provides the following data points:

Fa, b, c, max(Fa,b,c)/Fmax, Ma, b, c, max(Ma,b,c)/Mmax

It would be great if we can get these loads rotated into global coordinates, too.

Posted by: Faizal K

Re: User Request: Nozzle Analysis - 11/07/19 08:56 PM

agreed. many times I have to look at both the Nozzle Report and Restraint Summary to figure out the problematic direction in local coordinate system and then the Global one. Sure, one can do it in his/her head. But I'd prefer to save my brain power for other stuff. wink

I do wonder how it can be done though. I mean, should CAESAR transpose the allowable to the Global coordinate system? Can that even be done if the nozzle is skewed relative to global coordinate axes? hmm...
Posted by: Michael_Fletcher

Re: User Request: Nozzle Analysis - 11/08/19 09:07 AM

CAESAR already calculates them - we just want them on the nozzle report.

As far as ALLOWABLE forces/moments in global x/y/z, this is only possible if the local axes are already aligned with any of the global ones. I suppose I'm less worried about transposing allowable forces and moments, though it'd be nice.

Frustration arises when modifying someone else's model and nozzles are inconsistently modeled in terms of from/to.
Posted by: vermaccio

Re: User Request: Nozzle Analysis - 11/12/19 03:49 AM

maybe instead of report writing
Fa Fb Fc Ma Mb Mc
in report would appear
Fa(Y) Fb(X) Fc(Z) Ma(Y) Mb(X) Mc(Z)

a is aligned with Y
b is aligned with X
c is aligned with Z

i mean adding in report the X,Y,Z direction of the components.
Posted by: Michael_Fletcher

Re: User Request: Nozzle Analysis - 11/14/19 12:57 PM

Make that (+X), (-X), etc and I agree.
Posted by: Bob Zimmerman

Re: User Request: Nozzle Analysis - 11/14/19 01:23 PM

I have used this form in numerous styles over the years since I "updated" it to LOTUS123 way back in 1992. Over the years it has always been helpful to see the GLOBAL and LOCAL loads on one sheet!
Posted by: vermaccio

Re: User Request: Nozzle Analysis - 11/15/19 02:07 AM

but you have to extract datas to insert in that excel sheet. long time needed. better to insert the axis direction near the a,b,c letters inside caesar.

example: if you extract only the nozzle load report you will see Fa, Fb, Fc, Ma, Mb, Mc.
Well, imagine you have a very high Fb. now tell me what direction is. eh.. you are thinking to a,b,c direction, what the right axe will be... this is the problem. too long and risk to make mistakes, better to open the report and find directly the right axe written there.
The caesar already knows the a,b,c direction in absolute axis x,y,z. simply they should appear inside reports.
Posted by: Michael_Fletcher

Re: User Request: Nozzle Analysis - 11/15/19 09:48 AM

Since the original post (11/06), I've been digging into Excel's "new" Power Query toolset.

I'm finding that I like it and am working towards automating a lot of CAESAR checks in it.

Perhaps I could wrangle my own to do this.
Posted by: Lido (TCS)

Re: User Request: Nozzle Analysis - 07/07/20 05:06 AM

Bob, can you share your excel file?
it can be useful to get formulas for others