New Licensing System Coming

Posted by: Richard Ay

New Licensing System Coming - 11/06/19 08:48 AM


As previously announced, all Hexagon PPM software products (including CAESAR II, PVElite, TANK, CADWorx, and VVD) will be moving to a new licensing system beginning with the 2020 releases.

The original announcement regarding this change can be found here.

Due to improvements and testing the original implementation of the new licensing system was pushed back, the revised announcement letter can be viewed from the link below. NOTE: To facilitate the move to this new licensing system, all HASP ESLs will expire on May 31, 2020 - as stated in the announcement. Please start planning your transition to the new licensing system. For questions and details, please contact your Sales Representative.
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Re: New Licensing System Coming - 01/07/20 10:14 PM

Got a few points regarding structure of CAESARII software below.
CAESARII has been evolving for many years(for better) and some of the points listed below might have been thought out earlier by your development team definitely . I think some might improve your business figures ( without any commission for me !!!!, just in lighter vein)-

1. Is it possible to have features like NC or flange leak check ( eq. pressure method) outside the main program as add-ON modules ? The big EPC/ EPCM companies will anyway buy the whole suite, for them it is not big deal . It is more with medium size of small size companies who would be benefited. They can buy more licences which will cover static+ dynamic analysis if the cost for this (basic module option ) goes down. They can opt for a single license of such add ons even if they have more than one licence for basic module. This one add on can be shared by users on intranet.Of course there can be one option for buyer which will be exactly what is available today ( in the present form which includes all features, a mega pack).

2. If we think on these lines a number of features can be in the form of add ons - flange leak check . We can have many more features which are not there presently in this add-ons( One thing to be ensured that these add-ons will only talk to CAESARII basic pack , take the data from the C2 files in basic pack for performing any calculations - hope I am clear).You can have add on modules for -
a. Generating a spring specification ( combined listing of hangers )
b. Bolt torque calculations
c. module to export data to PDS/ SP3D with co-ordinates so that load values land at proper beam / column locations
d. slug force calculations
These are few which I have mentioned here.

3. Many companies have developed some form of VB / XLS utilities for above features, but still many have not.

4. Another point is activities can be separated , like someone can do only flange leak check ( a junior stress Engineer) for analysis of complicated system which is almost done by a senior( by copying C2 file on his machine) while the senior works on other system.

5. Features can be made more user friendly , which I feel are not ( e.g. NC check ).
Since I am not able to attach a few sheets made by me ( which are in XLS ) to elaborate my point to convince you I request you to share your mail id on or so that I will send these XLS sheets to you , of course if it suits your business ethics policy.
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Re: New Licensing System Coming - 05/14/20 02:09 PM

With the ISL system how do you check how much time is remaining on your license? In the Caesar II home window, all of the old ESL options are unavailable, I don't readily see an option in the ISL manager.
Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: New Licensing System Coming - 06/18/20 07:04 AM

Details and documentation on ISL can be found here.