Modelling Bend Thinning

Posted by: Paul_M

Modelling Bend Thinning - 11/01/19 09:51 AM


Currently when modelling 3D and 5D bends we use individual elements for the bend radius and change the WT to the reduced value.

I have seen there is also a 'Fitting Thickness' input available on the bends tab - where i assume the reduced thickness could be added.

Is there any benefit in using one method over the other?

Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: Modelling Bend Thinning - 11/04/19 03:44 PM

CAESAR II calculates section modulus for stress computations based on the properties of the matching pipe as defined by the codes.

The pipe thickness is used twice when calculating SIFs and flexibility factors; once as Tn, and once when determining the mean cross-sectional radius of the pipe in the equation for the flexibility characteristic (h).