New material

Posted by: charlot

New material - 10/25/19 11:10 AM

Hello everyone,

I received a CAESAR file with a special material added on it. The problem is that I can see this material in CAESAR input list but it's not available in material data base. So my questions are:

How is it added to the input list without changing the database?

If I add a material to the database, can I share it with others?

Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: New material - 10/25/19 12:57 PM

When you add a material to the material database the new entry is stored in a "user material file". This permits these user materials to be moved between versions and users. This also allows us to update our material file without stepping on your custom (added) materials.

Ask the originator of the model for his material file (umat1.umd).
Posted by: charlot

Re: New material - 10/25/19 02:00 PM

Thanks Richard. I've added a new material too but can't find my Umat1.umd file. Would you tell me where I can see it?