report - input echo - edit

Posted by: vermaccio

report - input echo - edit - 10/14/19 03:57 AM

In report--> innput echo output there are, at top, some lines:
- job description:

how can i edit those values so input echo create them automatically? now i have them empty.
Posted by: Sigma

Re: report - input echo - edit - 10/14/19 04:23 AM

You can define this in the Piping Input menu.
Please go to Piping Input menu and click on Model --> Title or click on Title in the toolbar and fill the required data.
Posted by: vermaccio

Re: report - input echo - edit - 10/14/19 05:57 AM

thanks smile

more: i have more than 100 calculus. is there a batch way to edit those values for all systems without opening everyone, one after one?
Posted by: Michael_Fletcher

Re: report - input echo - edit - 10/14/19 09:50 AM

CAESAR side, my guess is no, but I'll defer to Richard/Dave.

Alternatively, if you export the reports to Excel / Word, a VBA macro could conceivably be created to open each document, make the change, save, and close.

Also alternatively, if exported to PDF, Acrobat does have batch and scripting utilities.

I would expect it'd be quicker to just manually change them all than to learn either of these methodologies, but I would envision learning these skills would unlock future potential.

I'll note I've seen these blank more often than not, so perhaps it doesn't matter so much to the end user in question.
Posted by: Richard Ay

Re: report - input echo - edit - 10/14/19 10:47 AM


Once the job is created, that answer to your question is "no".

For the future, navigate to: C:\ProgramData\Intergraph CAS\CAESAR II\11.00\System. In this directory edit the file "title.hed" as necessary. This is the template that inserts that information into the title page of each model.